About Clare Bigger

Clare Bigger’s sculpture is all about movement.  With subjects ranging from athletes and dancers  to race horses, cats and birds of prey, her sculptures can be anything from 10cm – 10m high.  She works in stainless steel which allows her to create light airy structures which are both strong and weather resistant.

Clare has always had a keen interest in sport (which includes a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and her work often reflects this, its dynamic nature capturing a dancer balancing on point or a sprinter in full flight. Clare Bigger’s sculpture is a revelation, a celebration of life and the spontaneity of movement.

She was born and brought up in Africa and has since traveled extensively with destinations including Solomon Islands, Bhutan and Costa Rica.

Studio & Interior Sculpture

Garden & Landscape Sculpture

Corporate Sculpture & Public Art

Clare Bigger’s sculpture could enhance your living space.   These small sculptures are perfect for the mantlepiece,  a coffee table or window ledge.  Clare has also made several wall mounted sculptures. This wall art includes climbers and swimmers.  Interior designers love Clare Bigger sculptures for the final touches to rooms. Further examples can be seen here.

Clare Bigger’s sculpture can make an exciting focal point in your garden.  Full of energy and movement, they can be any size and subject to suit your location.

Using stainless steel which is weather resistant allows a colour range from silver to bronze.  Her sculptures have featured in several award winning RHS show gardens, private and corporate gardens. A gallery of garden projects and photos can be seen here.

Clare Bigger’s large exterior corporate sculpture is a real celebration of her work. It is  very exciting on this scale and her artistic style suits the size of the sculptures. All are made of stainless steel which makes them very resistant to the weather and also fairly vandal proof. Many companies have commissioned one of Clares’ large exterior sculptures to enhance retail parks and new/old office centres. Companies such as Birmingham Midshires Building Society, Akeler and Gazeley Properties are among her clients. For further examples of her large scale sculptures, corporate and public art, click here.