Clare Bigger, a sculptor inspired by movement.

Mantlepiece, Garden, Corporate and Monumental

As seen on the BBC One Show and Home is Where the Art is

Clare Bigger is a figurative sculptor whose main preoccupation is movement. Her stainless steel sculptures range in size from about 4 inches high up to 10 metres.
“As a gifted sculptor, her work shows an extraordinary marriage between perception and the medium that is the hallmark of the consummate artist. The sculptures she creates are a celebration of movement, poise and balance”. (R.S. Bohun Gallery).
She creates work for a number of different environments :

Her contribution to landscape art through commissions for clients such as EMI, Birmingham Midshires Building Society, Taylor Woodrow and Akeler has significantly enhanced garden, park and corporate environments. Her work is seen as contemporary, figurative sculpture with subjects ranging from horses, cats and other animals to gymnasts and dancers.
Clare Bigger’s sculptures are a revelation, a celebration of life and the spontaneity of movement. Her aim is to suggest a gesture, a movement by utilising the minimum of detail, leaving the mind of the observer to complete the picture.