The real” Leaping Man”

Milton Keynes, 8.5mJust under three and a half years ago, I was approached to design and make a sculpture which was to be based on long jumper Greg Rutherford.  Milton Keynes born and bred, he had recently won gold in the 2012 Olympic Games.  I was so pleased to be asked as i am particularly interested in sport.  I set about making a scale model which won the approval of the council.  A little over a year later, I got the go ahead to proceed. It was installed on Fen roundabout in Milton Keynes in June 2014.


Milton Keynes recognition of Greg Rutherford's acheivement

Milton Keynes recognition of Greg Rutherford’s achievement



This week Greg Rutherford was presented with a small version of that sculpture by Milton Keynes Council in recognition of his continuing success at the top of his game.  I was very pleased to at last get an opportunity to meet this inspirational athlete.

Milton Keynes, 8.5m

“Leaping Man” installed in Milton Keynes

Greg Rutherford is inspiration for ” Leaping Man” installed at it’s new home in Milton Keynes – 01/06/2014

“Leaping Man” is a dynamic sculpture created by Clare Bigger which represents the vision of the city of Milton Keynes and captures its “can do” philosophy.    Inspired by the recent Olympic success of long jumper Greg Rutherford, Clare has used the energetic nature of sport to convey this idea.  Made of stainless steel, this sculpture is an exciting and lively piece which reflects the nature of the local people and provides a welcoming and inspirational sight to those visiting Milton Keynes.  The 27ft (8.5m) “Leaping Man” has been erected on the A421 Fen Street Roundabout near junction 13 of the M1.