The Sculpture Show @ Curwen Gallery – A sneak preview of sculptures that I’ll be showing

Curwen Gallery’s Sculpture show runs from 2nd – 25th February 2017. Twelve sculptors will be showing their latest work.  Here’s a sneak preview of mine.


stainless steel sculpture of a dancer

Artists & Music Exhibition at Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

72 x 36 x 46 cm

Take me to Church 72 x 36 x 46 cm

Duet II 76 x 70 x 30cm

Duet II 76 x 70 x 30cm

60 x 26 x 24cm

I am Human
60 x 26 x 24cm

Three more sculptures have been sent off ….this time to an exhibition at Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames.The participating artists have been asked to respond to the theme of Artists and Music to coincide with Henley Music Festival. I have three sculptures in the show, two of which are inspired by Ukrainian dancer Sergei Polunin’s interpretation of Hozier’s “Take me to church”.

13th June – 15th August