Making the Gallowglass Warrior

4 metre high Gallowglass Warrior sculpture on N5 Ballaghaderreen Bypass, Co Roscommon

Gallowglass Warrior on N5 Ballaghaderreen Bypass, Co Roscommon

For the last few months the workshop has been dominated by the 4 metre high Warrior.  This is my second collaborative project with artist Paul Regan who came up with the original concept.  The design evolved into what is now the Gallowglass Warrior.  The Gallowglass were a class of elite mercenary fighters who came from Scotland between the 13th -16th centuries to fight for Irish chieftains .  The name Gallowglass comes from the Irish gall óglaigh which means foreign warriors. Five such warriors settled along the river near Ballaghaderreen.

Scale model for a public art sculptureAs ever building my large sculptures starts with a maquette(scale model).  I then create a framework which will work like a skeleton to give strength.  I then use sheet stainless cut into strips to describe the muscles and clothing.   I have worked on the sculpture with it lying down, periodically lifting it to an upright position to check that it’s right.  building a metal sculpture

3m long Sword     artist in workshop standing beside a half finished 4m sculpture    20160527_120533

The sword was made by one of the blacksmiths at Trapp forge and is 3 metres long. Last week the sculpture left the workshop on its journey to its new home in Ireland.  It was installed on the N5 Ballaghaderreen bypass , Co Roscommon, Ireland.  Thanks to the fantastic group of guys that helped to install him.