Flying The Flag - a 5m sculpture in Reading, Berkshire

“Flying the Flag” in Reading

Flying the Flag, stainless steel public art piece

Flying the Flag – 5m Worton Grange, Reading

Last year I was commissioned by Kier Properties to make a landmark sculpture at Worton Grange to compliment my Reading Gateway sculpture already situated across the road on the busy M4 J11 entry to Reading, Berkshire.

Sketch for Reading Gateway - 2000

Sketch for Reading Gateway – 2000

In 2000, I designed and made the sculpture “Reading Gateway” for Reading International Business Park. Designed as a landmark statement to enhance one of the main entry points into Reading, this takes the form of a dynamic figure stepping forward into a bright future.



With that original design in mind; I looked at the new sculpture as being on one of the main exit points for Reading. I therefore wanted to focus on Reading’s output.

Sketch for Flying the Flag, Reading

Sketch for Flying the Flag

Over the years this has taken the form of Cloth, Iron, Brewing, Biscuits and more recently technology, services, education, food, music to name but a few. Here the gateway has metamorphosed into a banner heralding Reading’s success.

Installing "Flying the Flag" in Reading

“Flying the Flag” was installed at Worton Grange ,Reading in October 2018 with the help of a very big crane.  So nice to see it in place, the culmination of several months work and almost as long in the planning.



Life size stainless steel cyclist

McCloy Group commission three sculptures for their offices in Australia

Life size stainless steel cyclist based on Mark Cavendish

Life size “Mark Cavendish”

Clare Bigger standing beneath her long jump sculpture

Artist with Long Jumper

This year I shipped three sculptures out to Australia.  The life sized sculptures have been commissioned by the McCloy Group to be sited outside their new office buildings in Newcastle, New South Wales.  The first, a cyclist based on Mark Cavendish, the second a female long jumper and the third a sprinter exploding out of the start blocks.  They are due to be installed in early 2018.

Life size sculpture of an Italian Wolf

Italian Wolf commission

Life size stainless steel sculpture of an Italian Wolf Howling

Italian Wolf Howling

This year I was lucky enough to be commissioned to make an Italian Wolf.  These beautiful creatures, also known as the Apennine Wolf, are slightly smaller than their grey cousins and are native to the Italian peninsular but can also be found in Switzerland and France. This one will be making its way to its new home in Italy this week.  Buon Viaggio

Life size figure with mirror polished disk


I recently completed and installed a new commissioned garden piece.  I’ve been so pleased with the result of having the disk mirror polished.  It adds an extra dimension to the sculpture with the added reflections from around the garden.  Can’t wait to see the garden finished too.

Life size figure with mirror polished disk

Life size figure with mirror polished disk


Sir Alex Fergusson receives award from MUDSA

Manchester United- MUDSA present sculpture to Sir Alex Ferguson

Stainless steel trophy designed and made by Clare Bigger, presented to Sir Alex Ferguson by MUDSA

Trophy presented to Sir Alex Ferguson by Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association (MUDSA)

I have recently been honored to be commissioned by Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association (MUDSA)  to make a trophy to be presented to Sir Alex Ferguson.  This is to mark 25 years of MUDSA and Sir Alex Ferguson’s support over that time.  My aim was to portray this inspiring group of people and their love of football.  Pictured above is Sir Alex Ferguson CBE with Phil Downs MBE of MUDSA.



Stainless steel Osprey

Osprey settles into new home

Garden, plant, travel and lifestyle photographyGarden, plant, travel and lifestyle photographySo pleased to see my Osprey in its new home.

Photo by Kat Weatherill

Sculpture of Leaping man in Milton Keynes, 8.5m

“Leaping Man” installed in Milton Keynes

Greg Rutherford is inspiration for ” Leaping Man” installed at it’s new home in Milton Keynes – 01/06/2014

“Leaping Man” is a dynamic sculpture created by Clare Bigger which represents the vision of the city of Milton Keynes and captures its “can do” philosophy.    Inspired by the recent Olympic success of long jumper Greg Rutherford, Clare has used the energetic nature of sport to convey this idea.  Made of stainless steel, this sculpture is an exciting and lively piece which reflects the nature of the local people and provides a welcoming and inspirational sight to those visiting Milton Keynes.  The 27ft (8.5m) “Leaping Man” has been erected on the A421 Fen Street Roundabout near junction 13 of the M1. 


Public Art, Corporate sculpture representing the flight of a cricket ball, Manchester

Tesco commissions cricket inspired sculpture for Old Trafford

Cricket inspired sculpture in Manchester celebrates return of the Ashes – 31/07/2013

This time last year I installed a new sculpture in Stretford Boulevard, Manchester.  This commission marks the building of a new Tesco store and the development of an impressive boulevard that links Old Trafford Cricket ground with Manchester United Football ground and the metro.  Funding from Tesco has also allowed updating of the Cricket ground to allow it to once again play host to the Ashes.

"Flight of the Ball"

“Flight of the Ball”



Inspired by cricket, this 7metre high sculpture represents the bounce of the ball as it approaches the wicket.

The trajectory of the ball, similar to a hawkeye view is encircled by rings representing the spin of the ball.



I also designed and made the seating which mirrors the bounce of the ball in the main sculpture.  Incorporated within it are Best Ashes Moments – facts and figures pertaining to the Ashes at Old Trafford.stretfordseating





Trio of metal fish

“The Three fishes” highly commended by the RHS

“The Three Fishes” Sculpture is Highly commended by the RHS – 08/11/2012

“The Three Fishes” Sculpture commissioned by Whalley in Bloom 2012 for this years Britain in Bloom competition has recieved a Highly Commended Award from RHS North West in Bloom.

Vale Gardens, Whalley where the sculpture is located has been cleverly designed and newly landscaped by Award winning designer John Everiss and the Whalley in Bloom team.

"Triumphant" 2010 - Harlow

Energise – Harlow LeisureZone



6.5 metres & stainless steel

Installed at the beginning of Feb, amidst the snow flurries, “Energise” now stands outside her new home Harlow LeisureZone. The aim is to enthuse and inspire people using the new centre which is due to be opened later this year. The leisureZone is a state of the art leisure facility for the people of Harlow and will be used as a training venue during the 2012 Olympics.

Clare’s work was picked from a pool of 12 artists.

"Energise" - Harlow LeisureZone

“Energise” – Harlow LeisureZone