Public Art, Corporate sculpture representing the flight of a cricket ball, Manchester

Tesco commissions cricket inspired sculpture for Old Trafford

Cricket inspired sculpture in Manchester celebrates return of the Ashes – 31/07/2013

This time last year I installed a new sculpture in Stretford Boulevard, Manchester.  This commission marks the building of a new Tesco store and the development of an impressive boulevard that links Old Trafford Cricket ground with Manchester United Football ground and the metro.  Funding from Tesco has also allowed updating of the Cricket ground to allow it to once again play host to the Ashes.

"Flight of the Ball"

“Flight of the Ball”



Inspired by cricket, this 7metre high sculpture represents the bounce of the ball as it approaches the wicket.

The trajectory of the ball, similar to a hawkeye view is encircled by rings representing the spin of the ball.



I also designed and made the seating which mirrors the bounce of the ball in the main sculpture.  Incorporated within it are Best Ashes Moments – facts and figures pertaining to the Ashes at Old Trafford.stretfordseating